Business Articles by Joe Truscott

The information contained in the following articles is provided for informational purposes only and may not apply to your particular business situation. You should consult Joseph A. Truscott, Chartered Accountant or your professional advisor to obtain additional details and determine whether the information in the article applies to your situation.

Business Strategies

Canada Pension Plan:  CPP – Start Now or Later?

Ten Steps to a Successful Financial Plan

Strategies For Sales Growth

To Purchase or Not To Purchase Assets – Weigh Equity, Credit and Duration Of Value

Make The Most Of Your Profitable Customers

10 Steps To Grow Your Business in a Difficult Economy

Talking To Franchisees: Questions To Ask

Successful Borrowing

Business Insurance: What To Do Before You Renew

The Pitfalls Of Owning US Real Property

Employee Fraud in a Cash Business

The Shareholders Agreement

Legal Will Kit

Employment Insurance for Self-Employed Persons

Shareholder Agreements: Buyout on Death

How to Find the Right Canadian Bookkeeper for Your Business

7 Tips to Improve Your Cash Flow

The Financial Health Assessment

10 Tips for Choosing a Financial Planner

Grow Your Business

Better Safe than Sorry – Fidelity Bonds

Speed Up Payment on Receivables

How To Protect Your Business From Fraud

Sold! Getting The Best After-Tax Price For Your Business

Business Smarts – 8 Time Tested Strategies

Taking Care of Business – Mistakes To Avoid in Running Your Business

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