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The information contained in the following articles is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to be either a complete description of any income tax issue or the opinion of the firm. Changes in tax laws or other factors could affect, on a prospective or retroactive basis, the information in any of these articles. You should consult Joseph A. Truscott, Chartered Accountant or your professional advisor to obtain additional details and determine whether the information in the article applies to your situation.


April 21, 2015 Federal Budget Highlights

March 21, 2013 Federal Budget Highlights

Preparing and Filing Notices Of Objections – Some Tips and Traps

Succession and Estate Planning Questionnaire

Home Renovations And Construction Cost May Be Medical Expenses

Apprenticeship Tax Credit

Retiring Allowance

Workers Compensation Audits – New Measures Being Employed By Auditors

Tax Strategies For The High-Net-Worth Family

Estate Freeze Shares – Tax Planning

Acting As An Executor – The Responsibilities Are Not Without Risk

Clearance Certificates

Personal & Corporate Wills – Probate Tax Savings Strategy

Review Of Personal Income Tax Returns – Procedures Used By Canada Revenue Agency

The Pitfalls Of Owning US Real Property

Canada Pension Plan – 2011, 2012, 2013 Changes

Year-End Business Tax Strategies

US Rental Properties and US Property Acquisitions

New U.S. Filing Program – June 26, 2012 Regulations

2012 Personal Tax Planning Calendar

Ownership of Foreign Property

2011 Personal Income Tax Questionnaire

Taxpayer Relief Provisions Using Canada Revenue Agency Rules To Benefit You

2011 United States Income Tax Rates

Compliance with U.S. Personal Income Tax Filings

Health Trusts both Cost and Tax Effective

Employee Profit Sharing Plans

Joint Accounts – Advantages and Disadvantages

Voluntary Disclosures Program

Purchase or Sale of a Business: Income Tax a Major Factor to Consider

Incorporation of Your Business

Personal Will Checklist

Estate Taxes – Minimizing and Maximizing Techniques

Obtaining Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers

U.S. Tax Treatment of Tax-Free Saving Accounts

What to Do When the Income or HST Tax Auditor Arrives

Special Benefits for Employment Insurance for Self-Employed Individuals

Corporate-Owned Life Insurance and the Capital Dividend Account

Voluntary Disclosure

Snowbirds – Are You a U.S. Resident?

U.S. Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts Reporting Requirements

Canada Pension Plan – Coping With the Boomer Generation

Positioning Your Business for Sale

Focus On Estate Planning

Where to Put Your Extra Dollars – RRSP, TFSA, Mortgage Pay-Down?

Coping with a Spouse’s Death

Expanded Reporting Requirement for Foreign Assets

Tax Free Savings Accounts – Penalties

Taxpayers’ Ombudsman

Canada Revenue Agency Audit Items of Interest

Estate Planning Publication

Canada Revenue Agency Relief Provisions and Amended Tax Election Forms

Tax Issues on U.S. Real Estate Properties

How Close Is Your “Income Tax” Connection To Canada?

Sales Tax Harmonization – July 1, 2010 – Time to Start Planning

Voluntary Disclosures

What If You Disagree With The Canada Revenue Agency?

Capital Gains Exemption

Guaranteed Access to Registered Educational Savings Plans

Personal Tax Returns: Late Filing Issues

Income Splitting Opportunities: Prescribed Rate Lowered to 1%

Sale of Property by Non-Residents: New Rules for Withholding Tax

Severance Planning: Helping Clients Make the Most of their Packages

Checklist of Important Information for the Preparation of the Terminal Income Tax Return

Frequent Business Travelers to the US and the New Treaty Protocol

Disabled Taxpayers – Credits, Deductions and Rebates

The Individual Pension Plan (IPP)

Qualified Investments for RRSPs

RRSP Contribution vs. Payoff the Mortgage

Information Sheet – Canada Revenue Agency Income Tax Audits

Canada Revenue Agency Taxpayer Relief Provisions

Ontario’s Sales Tax Harmonization: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Employee or Independent Contractor?

Federal Budget Commentary 2009

Utilizing Health & Welfare Trusts

Incorporating Your Business

GST Planning Opportunities

Holding Companies – Important Piece in Tax Planning Puzzle

The Use Of Personal Trusts For Owning Your Business

Tax and Financial Check Up

Trusts Created within a Will = Tax Savings

Does your Estate Plan Need a Check Up?

Family Trusts – a Tax Planning Tool That Could Save You Money

There’s Still Time To Reduce Your Taxes With The Right RRSP Strategy

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