Business Articles by Joe Truscott

The information contained in the following articles is provided for informational purposes only and may not apply to your particular business situation. You should consult Joseph A. Truscott, Chartered Accountant or your professional advisor to obtain additional details and determine whether the information in the article applies to your situation.

Grow Your Business

Most business owners focus on just one way to grow their businesses – winning more customers or clients.  You’ve heard it and probably thought it yourself – “quick, business is slow we’ve got to get more leads,” “if I could just win 10 new customers we’d have it...

Legal Will Kit

Over the years we have assisted our clients in the preparation and review of their personal and business wills from an income tax planning perspective. There are many income tax “traps” to be wary of if you have rental, business...

Successful Borrowing

Introduction At one time or another, most businesses need to approach lenders for financing. And all lenders have certain expectations. The closer you meet those expectations, the better your chances for success. Before you approach a commercial bank, government...

Need Income Tax & Business Help?

Ever wonder if your current accountant is doing everything they should to maximize your profit and reduce your tax? Are you looking for a Chartered Accountant for your company? We’d like the opportunity to discuss your particular situation.

Our team of tax experts are skilled at handling all forms of challenges that businesses face – large or small – whether it’s bookkeeping needs or complex tax issues. We’ll not only assist you with your current requirements but also provide recommendations and guidance for continued growth.

 It is your opportunity to hear what we can do for you. How we can save you money. We can evaluate, together, how your current business plan will take you in the right direction to achieve your goals. It’s your opportunity to discover how we can provide ‘Big Firm Advice at a price you can afford’.