Dangerous CRA Forms

Dangerous CRA Forms

If you are being audited or under investigation by Canada Revenue Agency, or if you have applied under the Fairness Provisions (now called the Taxpayer Relief Provisions) you may be requested by a Canada Revenue Agency auditor to complete some forms.

We recommend that you DO NOT, under any circumstances, complete any of these forms until you have spoken to a qualified and experienced Chartered Accountant.

Keep in mind that any information you provide to Canada Revenue Agency by completing these forms is information that they can use against you at any time, now or in the future, with respect to income tax assessment or reassessment, or in the worse case scenario, to build a case against you for a criminal tax evasion charge.

Two of the key forms that CRA may request you complete are the Personal Expenditures Worksheet and the Field Audit Form.  (examples below)  Completing these forms without discussing these with a Chartered Accountant could, in fact, be damaging to your current and future situations with the CRA.  We strongly recommend that you DO NOT complete these forms without serious discussion with your Chartered Accountant

Personal Expenditures Worksheet
An example of this personal expenditure worksheet that Canada Revenue Agency may ask you to complete may be downloaded here.

Field Audit Form
This form has been recreated to the best of our understanding of what Canada Revenue Agency Auditors typically are looking for.

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