Offshore Tax Strategies

Offshore tax strategies are often seen as complex tax mitigation tools performed only through the ‘Big Four’ accounting firms.  The team at Joseph Truscott Chartered Accountant have assisted clients with these arrangements in a highly cost-effective manner.  Big firm advice at a cost you can afford.

Establishing an offshore presence usually is a complex task, and you need an experienced hand in the driver’s seat.  Joe Truscott has the experience you need to navigate through those complexities.  He has helped a number of clients take advantage of this complex tax legislation in a legal and highly-effective manner.

According to Joe, ‘We’ve often worked hand-in-hand with lawyers to set up offshore strategies.  We love helping our clients to save tax.’

If you’re in the top tax bracket and feel you’d like to know more about offshore tax solutions, call today at 905-528-0234 for a free, no obligation consultation.

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